Bridge City Towing

We are a leading provider of towing, recovery and storage services in the city of Saskatoon.


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Light Towing

Left your lights on and need a boost?  Locked your keys out?  Flat tire? Our Light Duty fleet offers friendly service with a smile.

Medium Towing

Capable of moving buses, and ready to serve you, we maintain a solid fleet of vehicles including medium duty units. 

Heavy Towing

Our larger towing units can move semi’s, tow the big iron, and get your equipment where it has to be. 

About Us

Bridge City Towing offers a fleet of heavy duty, deck (single axle, tandem), medium duty and light duty. Our service vehicles offer a wide range of services. We specialize in moving antique cars, collector vehicles, sheds, sea cans, highway accidents, motorcycles, and construction equipment. If it needs to be moved, we can do the job, with fast friendly and courteous service.

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Our tow truck operators are ready to tow your vehicle to provide vehicle assistance or tow your vehicle to your home, garage, body shop or mechanic.